Arlington Gospel Hall


Preaching peace through our Lord Jesus Christ!



9:00am Breaking of Bread

A gathering for Christians who have been saved, baptized and enjoy and appreciate local assembly fellowship.  Its purpose is to remember the Lord  Jesus Christ in the way he set out in 1 Corinthians 11 v 23-26.

10:20am Sunday School/Bible Study

God's word is read and discussed so that questions can be raised and answered giving us a better understanding of God's teaching through His word.

11:20am Gospel Meeting

An opportunity for you to come and listen to a message of good news from God concerning His Son, Christ Jesus.  He came into the world to save you and has already changed the lives of others.  Speakers change from week to week and come from around the area.


7:00pm Youth Bible Hour (only on school nights)


7:00pm Prayer & Bible Study